Learn about children's play and learning from a motor development perspective

Developmental specialist Robyn Papworth runs you through ways to observe and set up play based learning stations for children aged 2 to 5 years.

  • Discover what the research is saying about children's development and play

  • Learn how to observe children's development through simple play bases strategies

  • Access play-based learning ideas to support children's development and learning outcomes

  • Check out our new trauma play content to help children self-regulate and feel calm

Access motor development resources and training

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Help children to get ready for learning by starting with motor development

    • A fun movement routine to get you started

    • Please introduce yourself

  • 2

    NEW CONTENT: How to complete developmental checklists

    • How to complete developmental checklists

  • 3

    The Research

    • Play-Based Learning Research

    • Children's Motor Development Research

  • 4

    Play-Based Learning Observations

    • Pom Pom Learning Activity Observations

    • Lego Learning Activity Observations

    • Pipe Cleaner Learning Activity Observations

    • Felt Learning Activity Observations

  • 5

    Motor Development Children's Videos

    • Preschool Children's Movement Video - Balance

    • Preschool Children's Movement Video - Crossing the Midline

    • Preschool Children's Movement Video - Fine Motor Skills

    • Preschool Children's Movement Video - Numbers

    • Preschool Children's Movement Video - Stretching

    • Preschool Children's Movement Video - Teddy Bear Routine

  • 6

    Mindfulness movement video for children

    • Mindfulness movement video for children

  • 7

    Activities to support children who have experienced trauma

    • Trauma movement activities while children are seated

    • Trauma play activities to promote self-regulation and body awareness

  • 8

    How to set up play spaces to encourage motor development

    • How to motivate young children to move both indoors and outdoors

    • Obstacle courses

    • Setting up your classroom to promote gross motor skill development

    • Outdoor play space ideas

  • 9

    How to promote positive play interactions with children

    • How to promote positive play interactions with children

    • Positive play interactions - turn taking

    • Positive play interactions - colour recognition

    • Positive play interactions - animal sounds

    • Positive play interactions - body movements

    • Positive play interactions - body awareness

    • Positive play interactions - aid then fade

    • Positive play interactions - goal setting reality

    • Positive play interactions - encourage language

    • Positive play interactions - play coaching

  • 10

    Bonus Content: Pandemic Resources for Families

    • 31 Days of Home Learning Activities

  • 11

    How did you find this course content?

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Early learning movement and play

Discover how to set up your classroom and play spaces to maximise children's opportunities to develop their motor development.

Course Instructor Robyn Papworth

Masters Qualified Developmental Educator, Exercise Physiologist

Robyn Papworth is an accredited Exercise Physiologist, Masters qualified Development Educator, mother of three children, and a passionate advocate for children who have learning difficulties and developmental delay. When you follow Robyn on her social media challenges, you will quickly be introduced to her son Hugh who was born with developmental delay and has been Robyn’s motivator for establishing her business Play Move Improve.
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