Have you noticed an increase in the number of children starting kindergarten, who are not ready?

With the introduction of screens, and children living more sedentary lives, we are seeing more and more children sitting floppy during mat time, struggling to focus on the story book, and getting easily distracted by their peers.

  • This course will help you see children's challenges from a motor development and sensory perspective

  • After completing this course you will feel more confident to develop lesson plans for children's fine motor development, gross motor development, and play skills

  • You will enjoy an online community full of educators and teachers, who are feeling just as concerned and frustrated as you are (in a non-judgmental space)

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Online child development and play based learning community

    • Welcome to the online child development and play based learning community

    • I'm here to help during this very challenging time.

    • Getting to know you survey

    • Why I created this online child development community

    • Online community

  • 2

    Motor development research articles

    • How physical activity and motor development impacts children's emotion regulation, attention, and learning

  • 3

    Understanding children's developmental milestones

    • Understanding children's developmental milestones

    • Developmental milestones red flags

    • Development Milestones Handbook

  • 4

    How children develop their motor skills

    • How children develop their motor skills

  • 5

    Gross motor skills needed for school readiness

    • Gross motor skills video examples

    • What is crossing the midline?

    • How to improve children's core strength

    • Why do children need fundamental movement skills for learning?

    • Fundamental movement activities

    • Spatial awareness for both gross motor development and literacy

    • Spatial awareness sight word literacy activities

    • Why it is important for our children to have good balance skills

    • The link between gross motor skills and fine motor skills

    • Hand-eye coordination - coordinating gross motor and fine motor skills at the same time

    • Daily Morning Circle Routine - Hand-Eye Coordination

    • Gross motor skills assessments

    • Motor skills assessment with pictures

    • Early Learning Motor Skills Assessment - Play Move Improve

  • 6

    Be mindful of screen time

    • Screen time and children's development

  • 7

    Fine motor skills needed for kindergarten and school

    • Fine motor skills introduction

    • Fine motor skills - posture

    • Fine motor skills - pincer grip

    • Fine motor skills - palmar reflex

    • Fine motor play to improve scissor use

    • Fine motor skills - simple assessment

    • Fine Motor Assessment

    • Fine Motor Assessment

    • Fine motor classroom strategies

  • 8

    Why children need movement to improve their learning

    • When we move our body, our brain gets an influx of oxygen and energy

    • How movement impacts our ability to focus in the classroom - training video

  • 9

    Helping children to manage their big emotions

    • Helping children to manage their big emotions introduction

    • Exercise to manage big emotions

    • What have you found to be helpful for managing big emotions?

  • 10

    How to promote positive play interactions with children

    • Positive play interactions - turn taking

    • Positive play interactions - colour recognition

    • Positive play interactions - animal sounds

    • Positive play interactions - body movements

    • Positive play interactions - body awareness

    • Positive play interactions - aid then fade

    • Positive play interactions - goal setting reality

    • Positive play interactions - encourage language

    • Positive play interactions - play coaching

  • 11

    How the senses impact children's learning

    • What is sensory integration, and what does it have to do with learning?

    • We all fidget

    • Classroom based sensory strategies

    • Sensory play activities for classroom educators

  • 12

    Why we need to encourage independence for our children

    • Encouraging independence introduction

  • 13

    Parent Engagement

    • Why parent engagement is important

    • Parent Engagement Survey

    • Helpful parent engagement website links

    • Learning stories template - a way to share the day with parents

    • Parent Reminder Bracelets

    • Parent communication resources

    • Remind children that you care

  • 14

    Why it is important to plan for transitions

    • Case study - Prep student with autism

    • Transition questions

  • 15

    How to set appropriate goals for your child's school readiness

    • Goal setting for children's development

    • SMART goals strategies for early learning educators

  • 16

    NEW!!! Pandemic Content

    • 31 Days of Home Learning Activities

    • Helping children transition back to school/kindergarten - separation anxiety

  • 17


    • Please feel free to ask questions




"I am still in the middle of my learning from your online PD, and I want to thank you so much for all the information, samples of activities and videos that you have prepared. I am about to cry of happiness just watching your videos and having the materials that we can download. These are exactly the information I have been looking for to guide me as music and movement Specialist in our school. Saying that this PD is a huge help is an understatement! I am so looking forward for more PD that you'll offer."

Prep teacher


"Loving the school readiness course so much Robyn. It's given me so many ideas of how to support my students. I did the cross the midline rainbow activity today with one of the Prep classes. It was really interesting."


Hi Robyn, I completed the course and really grateful for all the information and knowledge you've passed on. Thank you! The children are really benefiting from all the exercises and enjoy doing them.

Discover strategies to improve children's gross motor skills, fine motor skills, play skills, and emotional regulation skills.

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