Are you wondering how you can support children's development while still achieving the curriculum?

We know children are spending more time on screens, children are living more sedentary lives, and we are seeing more and more children sitting floppy during mat time, struggling to focus on the story book, and getting easily distracted by their peers. This online platform shows you simple strategies that you can implement today to improve children's development, focus, and learning.

  • Access simple press and play videos that you can share during your remote learning Google meets or Zoom webinars

  • Download easy to use movement resources for your families who need additional support during the pandemic

  • Discover how to use the benefits of movement to improve children's focus, attention, and anxiety without disruption to your curriculum

  • Gain access to easy to use resources which can engage your learners and still achieve the demands of your curriculum

  • Once we can return back to our 'normal' classrooms, discover ways to transform your classroom to suit the needs of active kinesthetic learners, while maintaining your classroom's level of calm

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Improve children's focus and coordination

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Leap into Learning Movement Program Introduction

  • 3

    Pandemic Bonus Content

  • 4

    Step 1 - The Research

    • How physical activity and motor development impacts children's emotion regulation, attention, and learning

    • Why children need movement to improve their learning

    • How children develop their motor skills

  • 5

    Step 2 - Tools to review your current daily routines and plans

    • Daily Planning Introduction

    • Reviewing your daily routines

    • What does your classroom layout currently look like?

    • Where is there room for movement?

  • 6

    Step 3 - Support with planning simple changes to your classroom and routines

    • The resources that you will need

    • Doorway Transition Activities

    • Daily movement routines

    • Gross Motor Skills Routine Examples

  • 7

    Step 4 - How to assess your children's motor skills with easy to use checklists and resources

    • Gross motor skills assessment introduction

    • Pre-Assessment of Children's Current Motor Skills

  • 8

    Step 5 - The 6 week Leap into Learning Movement Program

  • 9

    Step 6 - How to review your 6 weeks movement plan

    • How to review your 6 week movement plan

  • 10

    Quick Press and Play Movement Videos

    • Quick press and play movement videos

  • 11

    Mindfulness Movement Video for Children

    • Mindfulness movement video for children

  • 12

    Bonus Content - Why do children need fundamental movement skills for learning?

    • Why do children need fundamental movement skills for learning?

    • Fundamental movement activities

  • 13

    Bonus Content - Fine motor skill development

    • Fine motor skills introduction

    • Fine motor skills - posture

    • Fine motor skills - pincer grip

    • Fine motor skills - palmar reflex

    • Fine motor play to improve scissor use

    • Fine Motor Assessment

    • Fine motor skills - simple assessment

    • Fine motor classroom strategies

  • 14

    Bonus Content - Resources for Trauma

    • Press and play training video for children who have experienced trauma

    • Press and play self-regulation movement activities for children who have experienced trauma

Course Instructor Robyn Papworth

Masters Qualified Developmental Educator, Exercise Physiologist

Robyn Papworth is an accredited Exercise Physiologist, Masters qualified Development Educator, mother of three children, and a passionate advocate for children who have learning difficulties and developmental delay. When you follow Robyn on her social media challenges, you will quickly be introduced to her son Hugh who was born with developmental delay and has been Robyn’s motivator for establishing her business Play Move Improve.
early learning movement and play online course

Leap into Learning Program

Simply press play and deliver our online movement videos to your students to promote their motor development and physical literacy skills.

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    This course is designed for primary school classroom teachers, particularly grades foundation to two.

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"I am still in the middle of my learning from your online PD, and I want to thank you so much for all the information, samples of activities and videos that you have prepared. I am about to cry of happiness just watching your videos and having the materials that we can download. These are exactly the information I have been looking for to guide me as music and movement Specialist in our school. Saying that this PD is a huge help is an understatement! I am so looking forward for more PD that you'll offer."

Prep teacher


"Loving the school readiness course so much Robyn. It's given me so many ideas of how to support my students. I did the cross the midline rainbow activity today with one of the Prep classes. It was really interesting."

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