Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Play Move Improve's supporting children with trauma through movement, art, and play online platform

    • Welcome to Play Move Improve's supporting children with trauma through movement, art, and play online platform

    • How this Online Platform Works

    • Please answer the following training needs questions

    • Please help me get to know you

    • Provide all participants with these trigger management visual cards

    • Photo and video permissions

    • Feelings check-in

  • 2

    Trauma informed presentation

    • Trauma Presentations (Powerpoint Video) - Part One

    • Trauma Presentations (Powerpoint Video) - Part Two

    • Trauma presentation questions

  • 3

    Printable trauma management resources

    • Trauma classroom behaviour management

    • Green zone resources

    • Yellow zone resources

    • Red zone resources

  • 4

    How trauma may impact a child’s learning

    • How trauma may impact a child's learning in the classroom

    • Learning brain versus survival brain

  • 5

    Ways you can calm your body through movement

    • Trauma movement therapy actions while seated

    • Trauma movement therapy actions with a toy train

    • Printables to support the Exercise Physiology videos

  • 6

    Guest Trainer - Art Therapist Helan

    • Air dry clay dish

    • Chalk art

    • Clay pens

    • Lace clay dish

    • Pastel placemats

    • Pattern art

    • Ruler line art

    • Scribble pattern art

    • Table placemat art

  • 7

    Be mindful of our own lens

    • Be mindful of your own trauma/sensory lens

    • Check on our perceptions of the child

    • Your own lens survey

  • 8

    BONUS - Sensory play strategies

    • BONUS - Sensory play strategies introduction

    • Sensory play - worry stones

    • Sensory play - tear paper

    • Sensory play - elastic bands

    • Sensory play - playdough activities

    • Sensory play - oats and magnets

    • Sensory play - oranges

    • Sensory play - masking tape

    • Sensory play - drawing

  • 9

    Please let us know if you enjoyed the activities

    • Please let us know if you enjoyed the activities

To support families and teachers during lockdown, this course is only $39

Robyn Papworth

Trauma trained Speaker

As a Developmental Educator and Exercise Physiologist, Robyn incorporates her specialised exercise knowledge and play therapy skills, to provide support for early learning educators and teachers for developing classroom play experiences and routines, engaging developmental play spaces, and multisensory lesson plans to improve development, independence, and learning for children. As a survivor of childhood trauma Robyn empowers teams to improve their trauma informed management through sensory-motor play, neuro-developmental trauma education, and brain stem strategies for entire teams (adults included).
trauma informed speaker trainer

Robyn shares her own trauma story

and provides you with sensori-motor strategies that you can implement today.


  • What is the deadline for this course?

    Once you are enrolled in this course there is no rush to complete the content. You have unlimited access to the content and can take your time to work through each module.

  • How long would it take me to complete this course?

    One of our learners recently completed the course content within 2 days as she was needing a certificate of completion for her employer. However, there is a lot of content that can be used alongside children so some educators and teachers will be coming back and viewing the content over the next 12 months.

  • Where can I learn more about your work and training content?

    If you would like to learn more about what I do in the area of children's development and trauma, check out my Facebook page -

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